Friday, February 22, 2013

This weekends project...

We seem to be doing lots of projects lately! This weekend Kaitlyn in starting her other project for 4H and summer fair. She wants to do an apron. She picked out the colors, and some accents to go with it and gets to start doing the cutting and sewing this weekend! She's supper excited to learn how to sew! The apron will be purple, with cupcake buttons and a cupcake material used for the front pocket.
Since this weekend is supposed to be wet and dreary we thought it would be a great time to get it started.
Arianna hasn't decided what else she wants to do for her 4H and fair projects, so I'll go over idea's with her this weekend and see what she wants to do so we can get started on her stuff as well.
Today is cleaning and school day. Since we did so much outside stuff yesterday we have lots to do inside today and over the weekend!