Thursday, February 21, 2013

Um, no mom. I don't think I want to do that.

Kaitlyn had a recent project to do for school. We got all the things we needed from either the Dollar store or Jo-anns Fabrics. We picked an okay day to do it, but wish it had been a nice warm day so we could do it outside.
First we got the balloons blown up...

 Then we got the yarn out and made little sacks of yarn for each of us...
Then we put the glue in the bowls.
Then I put the yarn strings we'd made and put them in the bowl with the glue (at this point the girls just looked at me with this "what IS she doing?" look on their faces). I mushed (yes, that's a technical term I'm sure) all the yarn into the glue (once again getting the raised eyebrow from the girls). I then took one end of the yarn and squeezed the glue and started dragging my fingers down the string to remove all the excess glue. At this point I got the "um, yuck" look from the girls. Then I pressed the string to the balloon to show them what they would be doing. And THAT was the precise point at which I lost both girls interest in what the project would end up being. Neither Arianna nor Kaitlyn wanted to "get dirty" with the glue, although Kaitlyn was talked into at least doing a little of it. Arianna refused to do anything with the glue string! Guess I'll wait until warmer weather and see if I can make it into a "neighborhood kids" project so that the girls will at least give it a try!