Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our 4H Show....

The girls had their first 4H show and did GREAT!! We are very proud of them! They handled their bunnies very well, they spoke up when it was their turn at the microphone and they had a wonderful time. They are already wondering when their next one is!

Here's a picture of the bunnies in their little harness. We weren't sure how comfortable the girls were with holding the bunnies if the bunnies really decided to throw a fit and try and escape and thought this might be the easiest way to make sure they stayed safe. Nibbles (the one in blue) doesn't mind his at all, while Cookie hates the one he was in. I think for the next event we will try and get another one like nibbles blue one for cookie and see if that is better for him.
Arianna and Kaitlyn getting the bunnies ready for the show.

Then it was time to get in line.
Cookie who we thought would be the "problem child" did great. While Nibbles decided that mommy should hold me and I'll curl up under her chin! Finally the girls got up to the table.

This is their bored look. LOL. They actually did great and had a ball. They each got a little participation ribbon and a little prize.

They had a great time looking at all the other animals too. They saw chickens and roosters, cats and dogs, lots of other bunnies, hamsters and guinea pigs! The petted pigeons, bunnies, ducks and well, just about anything else they could find!
They can't wait until the next event!!