Friday, March 8, 2013

The Funky Funky Chickens!!

The chickens are growing in leaps and bounds (although they still haven't escaped the brooder). We thought we'd post a few new pictures so you could see them going through the "funky looking chicken stage".

Here is a somewhat group photo. You can see where they are losing their fuzzy baby chick look and some are really starting to look like actual birds now!
Here's "boss" who still rules the roost, except for maybe Cleopatra who I don't think I got a picture of! I'll have to do that. She looks like she'll be very interesting looking when she's all feathered out!

They do look a bit "freaky" at this point!

The Silkies are starting to look a bit fluffy and half of the chickens are pretty "funky" looking! Will have to get better pictures soon! Hopefully the weather will really pic up so the chicks can go outside and explore! Under supervision of course!