Friday, March 22, 2013

Space Museum and lots of FUN!

Today we joined several other families and visited the Space Museum not to far from home. The girls had been looking forward to it! I must say that it was one of the funnest field trips we've done lately!

The girls and I got there bright and early before many people were lurking around. We waited with the other families for the tour to start. We were lucky enough that Kaitlyn's "penpal" Sophie and her mom were able to join us as well!
We started with the Mars rovers:

and learned a little history about rockets and space travel. Arianna thought the "suit" was pretty awesome looking!
Then they found something every kids seems to like. Transportation just their size!

After learning a little about the history it was time for their own little "rocket tests"

The girls had a fun time getting to make their own rockets out of paper, tape and paper clips! Very easy then it was out in line to see how well they worked!
Then the fun part!

The girls had a great time and hope they have another field trip soon!