Friday, March 22, 2013

Martial Arts...

The girls went on a little side trip with the Girl Scouts yesterday. They had a 45  minute session of Karate with one of the local Martial Arts schools. They did this in connection with earning a new peddle "courageous and strong" for their uniforms. They had a ton of fun and are asking if they can take Karate lessons instead of doing Girl Scouts next year. I think they are finding Girl Scouts rather boring at this point! They have asked if they could do 4H, swimming and Karate for next year, but we'll have to see. They did get a little pass for two free weeks whenever our schedule free's up a bit to allow them to go for some more classes. I'd like to see them take a few more and see if they are still interested after that before signing them up for actual monthly lessons.
We also got a request for some more "funky chicken" pictures, so I'll try and get some more this weekend! Hopefully one of the days this next week will be really nice and they can go outside and have some fun scratching around in the dirt!