Sunday, March 24, 2013

Working on the weekend...

We started the morning cleaning out the chicken brooder so I grabbed a couple of pictures of our "Funky Chickens".  They are starting to look more like chickens...well some of them anyway.

The "Fuzzy" one up top is one of our Silkies, and the white "freaky" looking thing (as my oldest calls it) is one of the "showgirls". Their feathers are actually very soft and silky. The other chickens feel a lot more "bird" like.
Arianna likes to try and pet them and they are pretty good now about coming up to us when we put our hands in the brooder.  You can also see a little more of our different chickens this way as well. 

 After the chickens it was the girls out side to help big brother "destroy" the couch!
They had a ton of fun "Killing" it! We got it down to the bare bones and will run everything up to the dump next weekend! While the girls were doing their "killing the couch" thing Daddy and I did the "painting the bedroom" thing.

We are doing a very light green but this is the "dark" corner so I had to try and adjust the photo a bit so the colors look kind of "wonky". We got all the walls done with the first coat today, and will have to finish up next weekend with a second coat.
After all our other chores were done today, the girls got to take the Bun-bun's for a walk...

The bunny's appreciated it as they'd been stuck inside with the rain lately! They had a fun time hopping all over the front yard. Once the bunny's were all done, the girls were off to play with the neighborhood kids! Fun but busy day! Will try and post some more of the "funky chicken" photo's this week!