Monday, April 8, 2013

Fire Department field trip

The girls had a blast at the Fire Department today with their Girl Scout troop. They got to see where the fire fighters sleep, eat, and hang out. They got to climb into one of the big hose trucks and an ambulance. They even got to see one of the fire fighters come down the "pole"! They had a great time and came home with some neat goodies. A firefighter hat, some sidewalk chalk, a pencil and a firefighter badge! While we were there they even had a call for a couple of the trucks and got to see the guys in action! Kaitlyn called the trip "very exciting"!
They have one more field trip this week and a birthday party for a friend.
We also discovered that poor Cleopatra should have been named "King Tut". He's starting to try and crow. So we either have to find a home for him soon, or let him fill out a little and have him for dinner! The girls think he'd make a nice soup. LOL.
The chicken coop gets started in a couple more weeks and then the chickens will be much happier!