Monday, April 15, 2013

Flight Museum field trip

A couple of weeks ago we went to the space museum, so this time it was a trip to the flight museum. The girls got there early and had some time to play before the tour started. Kaitlyn decided to try her hand at a flying platform..

While Arianna decided to try her hand at shooting things down..
I wouldn't hire either of them as pilots in the near future!

Once the tour started they had a fun time learning about the wright brothers and their first flight!
You can see the huge "Spruce Goose" in the background. That came just a little later.
First they got to see what pilots used to wear and some lucky guy got to put on the gear.
We also learned where the term "hit the ground running" came from. It's an old aviator term. These planes apparently used castor oil which if inhaled for long periods of times, makes you need to go to the bathroom, like yesterday! So the landing fields used to have porta potties every several feet or so (we were told 10 feetish) so that the pilots could get out of the planes and straight into a bathroom (thus the "hit the ground running" term). So that was our interesting trivia for the day. Then they got to go into the Spruce Goose and look around a bit, then it was time to make their own gliders.

Both girls had a great time learning to fly their gliders and have plans for making more of them here at home. They had a great time and want to go again. As a last stop Arianna wanted to see one of the planes with a "picture" on it.