Sunday, April 21, 2013

Only a couple months left of school, planning for next year!

Yep, just a couple more months of school for this year! I can't believe how fast this year has gone! Kaitlyn is finally starting to "get it" in reading! YEAY!! She's doing a great job of sounding out new words and is starting to get motivated to read even more. We have some catching up to do with some of the other classes but that's going pretty fast now!

Arianna and Kaitlyn had a Girl Scout field trip on Saturday night to the local bowling alley and did "cosmic" bowling. They use blacklights and everyone tries to wear light colors so they glow in the dark. The girls had never been bowling before and had a very fun trip. They'd like to go again. Arianna did great and Kaitlyn did pretty well too.

Today they helped decorate daddy's birthday cake (a couple of days early, but since we'll be pretty busy on his birthday we celebrated a little early), they even helped make his birthday breakfast with sausage, hashbrowns and fried eggs! Then it was outside for the afternoon while they helped put together the temporary chicken run and helped start the beginnings of the new chicken coop!

Arianna was suitably impressed with our building abilities...
or maybe not.
Kaitlyn decided to do a self portrait...
Then decided that Arianna needed to be the practice chicken..
The chickens get to go outside in their new temporary run tomorrow (the temporary one is only 10 x 6 while the permanent one will be about 10 x 20) so we'll take some pictures of them enjoying their new play place this week. We're supposed to have great weather all week so everyone will get lots of outdoor time!
We also saw an article about the summer run for salmon and thought we might go to the hatchery and see it, but discovered it's just about the same time frame that baby brother will arrive so we won't be making that one. We then started thinking that might be a great field trip for fall! Yep, already starting to look at things for next year! The girls have a small list of things they'd like to do this summer if we have time and the energy, and are starting a list for the new school year.
Everyone had a busy day today and will have an even busier week ahead, so early to bed tonight for everyone I think!