Monday, April 22, 2013

Chickens, kids and chores....

Once it got up past 55 today we went ahead and took out the chickens to their temporary run. The girls carried out the smaller silkies and I got to handle all the "big ones" since they might be tougher. The girls did a great job in catching them and taking them out to the enclosure.

 A picture of the flock...

 A look at one of our silkies...

 (unfortunately I really think this is a roo and not a hen, but it's not confirmed yet)

 our silkie (on the right) and one of the showgirls (Isabella).
Then we have these three silkies that thought they'd just hang out by the tarp for a little while before venturing out.
one of our Ameracuana's
I'll try and get better pics as the day (and week) go on. So you can see some of our other funky chickens!

While we waited for the temperature to get up a bit this morning the girls decided they'd help put more baby brother stuff together.

They did a great job helping! Afterwards Kaitlyn took her end of year math test to see where she was and she got 100%! Great job!!
Now it's back outside for lawn mowing, playing, keeping an eye on the chickens and well, all that other junk that needs to be done outside.