Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Designs, kids, and Chickens..

Arianna spent some time making designs and thinks she would like to be an artist. She wanted to make sure I posted some so Omi and Opa could see her designs.

After some fun arts and crafts it was outside  to enjoy a nice warm day with friends.

We even got busy earlier in the morning and got a few things done for baby brother.

 We are now pretty much ready for baby brother to get here. Well, except for the all important diapers! Still have to pick up diapers!
We also made sure that the chickens got out to enjoy the day as well.

The little silkies like to hang out together until someone needs to go in and pick them up, then they have no problem hiding behind the bigger gals! We're supposed to have 5 or so days of 80+ weather so lots of time outside coming up! Hopefully the coop gets finished and they can start staying outside after the weekend. They are starting to get awfully fast and harder to catch when they don't want to go inside at night! Today the girls and I had to gang up on them to catch the last few! We do miss having King Tut around and hearing his crow through out the day. Even the teenager says he kinda misses the guy!
We got lots accomplished today, but unfortunately it also seems Arianna has either developed a bacterial infection in one eye. We get to call the Dr. tomorrow and see if we can get her in. Poor kid! Her eye is all puffy and irritated. Then of course there's the "gunk" that seems to come from nowhere and makes her rub her eye even more. Hopefully we can get it cleared up quickly and nobody else in the family gets it!
For now, it's everyone in for a quiet night and lots of sleep! I think everyone has worn themselves out today!