Saturday, June 8, 2013

School projects, Bunnies....

Well, trying to wrap up the end of school this weekend. For a science project Kaitlyn had to make a model. She decided to make "Rainbow Island" and had a great time doing it!

 She also made a picture frame using popsicle sticks, puzzle pieces, paint, butterfly beads and glitter glue! She's putting a picture of her and her teacher in the picture and mailing it to him as a year end gift!

The weather is back to being really nice again so the bunnies have been getting outside for some free time.
Cookie decided to be lazy in the sun and just lay there.
Nibs spent most of his time in the shade, while our cat decided to hang out near him and keep an eye on him. Just in case.

Have some serious school stuff to do over the weekend which will keep Kaitlyn busy and Ari will take off with daddy for a little while so sis can get her work done. Then on Monday it's off to the coast with Omi and Opa! They are looking forward to some time at the coast with plans to go to the Aquarium! I'm sure they'll have tons of fun!