Thursday, August 1, 2013


I'm still working on the classroom but figured I'd get a picture up of the current project. The curriculum is all in. Arianna's arrived yesterday afternoon and was so excited the box was opened and emptied in under 5 minutes! Kaitlyn gets the left  hand side and Arianna gets the Right hand side. They get the top shelf and I get the bottom shelf in each end. That way I keep the teacher manuals etc. organized and ready to go for each grade level. The grades are going to change fairly soon. Arianna is going to speed through the Kindergarten stuff and start 1st hopefully by October. Kaitlyn has some of 1st grade to finish and then it's on to second grade.
The rolling containers on each side of the shelves contain all the math manipulatives, science equipment, Art supplies, magazines and maps as well as extra school supplies. We did find that both science and social studies is on computer this year so no text books for those but it does mean we have to be really organized about the computer time so both girls get enough time on the computer to complete their classes.

We have now collected almost 3 dozen eggs from our chickens!

We are getting a few different colors and sizes from small to large. Kaitlyn wanted to try one of the larger eggs and got a big surprise...Double yokes!
She thought that was pretty cool and keeps hoping she'll get another one! We did get one light green egg but the egg was cracked when we found it so we had to toss it. Then the chicken that laid it got a bit traumatized by the dog (he did kill one chicken but the other survived) and hasn't been laying eggs again yet. We were very sorry to lose one of our chickens and the kids still haven't forgiven the dog (well, neither have I really). It's a good thing at least one of us still likes the dog right now...
The dog loves to sit close to the baby and watch over him. We don't leave them alone of course, and we do sit right next to them when they are in the room together (you can see my knee at the bottom of the picture).
Also we found out what happens when mommy goes to get a bottle while the girls are in the same room as the baby...
He gets added to the pile of stuffed animals! LOL. he actually had lots of fun on it and the girls are doing really well being very careful with him, but we do have to remind them on occasion not to pick him up unless we are there.

Today we hope to get down to the nature park here in town and go for a small walk, but we have more stuff to accomplish in the house so I'll have to wait and see. Tomorrow it's up to the big city for Dr. appointments and a Costco trip.  We are also planning a zoo trip in a couple of weeks so the girls are really looking forward to that!