Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wanna try a Tri?!

On the way into swim lessons last night Kaitlyn said to me "You know that thing where they ride bikes, run and swim one right after the other?" I said "a triathlon?" she replied "Yeah! I wanna do that!" She's not ready for it this year, but maybe next year she can complete a kids "try a tri". I know we have several in the area so it's just a matter of finding one nearby that sounds interesting to her.

Last night was also a first for them. At the end of their swim lessons they always get a little fun something to do. Sometimes is getting in the hot tub, sometimes it's going down the slide. Last night however they got to jump into the "deep pool" at the 12 foot deep side. They were SO excited! Their first time in the big person pool and Kaitlyn is already asking when she gets to start doing laps with Daddy!