Sunday, August 4, 2013

Science, running, and look alikes...

Arianna decided that she wanted to do some experiments in the backyard. She decided to look at the roots of digging and cutting a couple of roots off one of the blueberry bushes and another bush. She didn't tell me this of course, but it was kind of obvious when she got back inside....

Lol. What a DIRTY face!! She had fun with it though, and thankfully was taking a shower before swim lessons Thursday!

This weekend the girls needed to get some "running" shoes as all they had right now were sandals. So of course they picked up "running clothes" as well. Please note I DO NOT dress my kids. They do it all their selves!
They got sunglasses and water bottles (yeay for Dollar Tree stores!). They went for a short walk on Saturday with little brother who liked getting out for a bit of scenery and then Sunday morning they went on a longer walk with Daddy and the dog. Arianna came home and fake collapsed in the entry way. I asked if she was tired. She replied "I'm not tired. I'm EXHAUSTED and HUNGRY!" LOL. Guess we have a bit more work to do before we're ready for that kids triathlon.

Also today we had a couple of Look alikes at the house...
We noticed that they pretty much had the same shape head, not to mention the same hairstyle! LOL. Poor baby is already dealing with male pattern baldness! Although he has fuzzy where the hair used to be so I'm just wondering if it's coming back in already.

I spent a couple of hours getting stuff for school printed out. Arianna should be done with Kindergarten by the middle of September at the latest and start 1st right afterwards. Well, actually she's doing the first part of 1st right now as well as the K stuff since the kinder stuff was in her words "Pretty lame".

Tomorrow we start slowly doing more schoolwork until school officially starts in September. We'll do our little nature walk, take our "first day of school" photo's, have a treat and do some schoolwork.