Monday, August 5, 2013

Unit Studies

I've figured out unit studies for this school year. It should be a lot of fun!

September - Our solar system and ends with a trip to the Planetarium (a fun trip for when Omi and Opa visit!)

October - Ocean and ends with a trip to the Aquarium

Nov/Dec  - I combined these months since we have so many "vacation" days that neither has a full month. We are doing a study on Costa Rica ending with a trip to the living room for some video's on Costa Rica.

January - England. With a little help from my friend! The girls will be doing a unit on England than finish up with some fish and chips and some fun video's!

February - Reptiles, insects and spiders...Well, I might try and forget the spider half! YUCK!! Ending with a trip to the Reptile house and a tour through their venomous reptile museum!

March - Ireland! I have some fun idea's for this one. Including some yummy cooking, a St. Paddy's celebration and some fun Irish dancing!

April and the first part of May - California/San Francisco - ending with a trip to San Francisco (hopefully). Hubby has to go there anyway so we thought we'd make an attempt at a field trip for the girls. Redwoods, science museum, Monterey Bay Aquarium...So crossing our fingers and hoping we get to go!

Second part of May and June - Animals from around the world ending with a trip to the Zoo.

As we start the unit studies we'll post some of the fun projects we are doing (and there are a lot of them!) and letting you know some of the interesting things we discover!