Sunday, September 8, 2013


It's been a busy weekend! Bunnies got out for awhile and got brushed by the girls, we had our swim time (the pool had been closed for their annual cleanup), got chores done around the house (It's amazing how much laundry three little kids produce!!) Took and evening walk after dinner..and that was just Saturday!

Today Arianna woke up with her "mad scientist" hair style (she went to bed with damp hair).

That is some serious bedhead!!

After breakfast it was time for some make up school time for the kids while daddy was running off to Lowe's to get some things we needed. When he got back it was time for him to get to work...

Kaitlyn decided to try and help Dad some as well!
While that was going on Dominic got his first taste of the big bean bag..
That lasted all of 3 minutes. He's not been feeling well and is in hold me mode so anytime we put him down he starts screaming within a few minutes. My shoulders are killing me!

Once Daddy was done with his project it was time for Mommy to rearrange things!
And here's the new school least for now. I want a big laminated U.S. and World map for the wall above where the black poster boards are currently sitting and I need another cube container for the new shelving unit (I'm one short so borrowed one from Dominic's stuff to show what it will look like when complete). So happy with the new shelving addition as I'd started using one of our already stuffed closets for storing some of our school stuff (the reams of computer paper are still there for instance). We have LOTS of storage now! YEAY!!! Mommy got back her little file cabinet for HER and not for anything else! With everything we have going on with school/fieldtrips/groups/ etc. I really needed something to keep things organized!