Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lazy Sunday?

Well, kinda. I'm not getting everything I wanted to do today, but we're slowly getting there. The chickens went out to free range again and ventured further afield. They discovered lots of good stuff under the fruit tree's.
I finally got a fairly decent shot of our grey silkie hen...
and another of our black Jersey Giant..
Dominic loved watching the chickens, they always seem to make him smile. He had a pretty good day on Saturday and finally got bored enough to take a nap...

Lots of stuff to do this week but looks like we are going to get some rain the next couple of days. The girls hope they can at least have a short playday on Tuesday at the park with the kids. Than it's lots of school this week and this next weekend Omi and Opa get here! Just a few more days!!