Saturday, September 14, 2013

"talent show" and free range chickens!

So here's a short video of some of the kids at the Museum having a "talent show" on the museums stage.  Not all of them were with the homeschool group, just a bunch of kids hanging out.

This morning we decided to let the chickens try and do a little of the free range thing finally. The dog got tied up of course before hand. The chickens started out kind of slow and weren't to sure of what they were doing and went in and out a few times before they got comfortable enough to leave the run fence line...The white fluffy thing is our "showgirl" she got pretty brave and even headed under the tree's for a little while on her own..

Here's our one and only Giant Jersey hen. She's starting to get pretty big compared to the others!

 and a small picture with a few of them in it...
 and here's our "dead chicken foot" she's not so sure about the leaving the chicken run thing.
They seem to be doing pretty well, but now that the dog has discovered that the chickens are out of the run he's whining to go play ...Don't think so you dumb dog, you'd just end up pouncing on them!