Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So today's a work day

After taking Friday off for the hike and yesterday off for our park day, Today is a work day. The girls get to do school work, while I write up the last of our postcards (then I'll be taking a break from that until other things settle down a little bit). Than it's time for the girls to catch up on the last of their individual penpal letters, do most of the solar system project and well, you get the idea. Catch up day :)

Than for me it's making phone calls to finalize a couple of field trips, getting our "visiting artist" scheduled for our arts and crafts club, plan out the years projects for the 4H group(s) (I'll look over some material the next couple of days than brainstorm on Friday with my co-leaders), etc. all while doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen and getting bread starter finished and put in the fridge so we can make bread tomorrow.

After all that there's swimming tonight as well :). It's going to be a very busy week! Since I always like to try and include some kind of photo, here's one of Arianna with Dominic...
Dominic loves watching sis paint on the kindle. Just not more than he likes his walks! Almost 4 miles on Friday, outside on Saturday, Two walks on Sunday, Park on Monday. I need to do a shout out to my wonderful husband who stopped by the Columbia employee store (no he doesn't work there, but had a nice little pass :) ) and picked up and surprised me with rain pants, coat and sweater for the fall/spring. Considering how much Dominic wants to be outside daily, I'm going to need them!