Friday, October 18, 2013

OUCH!!! and more....

So Arianna went next door to play with the little girl over there. They decided to play in the tall fort the previous owners built and she fell down the ladder. Nice goose egg on the back of her head, bruise along her jawline, red spot on her forehead, elbow has some bruising and well, probably starting to feel like she got hit by a truck this morning. Poor kid! Kept her  home from swimming last night, and she's supposed to take it "easy" for the next couple of days but that's easier said than done. She's already wanting to get playing. So I guess it's pulling out the kindle/ipod to try and keep her a little more quiet this morning. 
Later today it's a meeting with my co-leaders for 4H to brainstorm idea's for the groups for the year. I set up two field trips yesterday for the homeschool group and am discussing two more with different places. Waiting for call back on music classes, and got a wonderful artist scheduled for the Arts and Crafts club (Thanks for the suggestion Omi!). We've started signing up interested people for our "adventure club" (we really need to find a cool name for it, lol) and will start meetings early next month for that as well!
This morning it's trying to catch up on some school work. Arianna is supposed to record some answers but she doesn't like the process and is not wanting to do it. Kaitlyn has some reading to catch up on as well as work on some math. Than it's an early lunch so we can pick up some friends for the meeting early this afternoon.
Busy, Busy, Busy!!