Wednesday, October 23, 2013

School? Were we supposed to do school too?

OOPS! Guess we forgot the "school" part of "homeschooling"...But we couldn't help ourselves! We got invited to a friends house Monday afternoon and than got to visit "Nina" and the girls had a blast!

Even Dominic got to at least sit on the horse. He was pretty happy the whole day. and than came Tuesday. We were pretty much at home on Tuesday trying to get some stuff done, and well..He screamed, he cried, he didn't sleep much....Today we had to run errands, stop at the bank, visit two different stores, stopped by the 4H office, the Public works office, call the police department (to schedule a visit to one of the clubs) etc. and he was happy as a clam, took two good naps, played outside for awhile, etc. I've come to the conclusion that he hates being home!!
Tomorrow is another busy day but  not to bad. Friday will be hectic but fun. Lots coming up and I hope to post some more pictures. I also need to get the girls caught up on letters! So Tomorrow morning is doing a couple of letters each, some school work, than lunch and Arts and Crafts club, home for dinner and than off for a swim!