Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lots done, more to do...

We had a pretty busy week with Arts and Crafts day this week as well as a day with our friends on Monday. We also got the Zoo field tip for the homeschool group finalized so we are looking forward to that and I'm already on the hunt for a few fieldtrips for early next year. The zoo one will be the last one for this year since we all will want time off with our families and friends for the holidays.
We posted about our little adventure club on the homeschool group about a week ago and we went from 4 kids who like the outdoors to 16!
I had calls to make for a couple of local trips, had to call the police department about scheduling a bike safety talk for our 4H group, had to stop at the 4H office to get everything turned in and finalized for us (and get the schedule for meeting subjects for the year turned in as well), than had to stop by another company and see about using their meeting space for a couple of different groups as well.
Than Friday we spent time at the Museum of Science and Industry, saw a planetarium show, went to Micheal's arts and crafts store to pick up the craft projects for the first 4H meeting, went to Costco for grocery's and picked up the vinegar for Science day next month. After all that is was home, drop everything off and head to a pig roast!

Next week is a bit calmer....and than there is November.  The girls start Music lessons on the First, and it gets busier from there....the good news is that the Middle of December things slow down for a couple of weeks. But we have three meetings, 2 arts and crafts days, 4 field trips, music lessons, swim lessons and well, you get the idea. I mentioned to my husband isn't it sad we are "isolated and unsocialized homeschoolers" He said "Yep, that's what I was worried about....for about 30 seconds".

For those with younger kids who would like to have a fun little arts and crafts/playday project here are a couple of links to what we did in our group this week:


the kids had fun giving everything a try!