Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

The girls went out and hit the business' that do a safe and sane Halloween and than it was home for dinner and back out for more treats. They met up with a friend down town and we hope they've made a new friend as well. As we were walking around town waiting for the trick or treat stuff to start we ran into a gentleman and his little girl who thought he may homeschool as well, I forgot to write his name down so I'm hoping he remembers the homeschool group name. He seemed like a very interesting person. An ex-scientist and a current Artist. What a combination!

This year was a little different that any other year with the kids...Dominic got his own costume, while all the other kids never had costumes before 3 years old or so. I saw the costume as I walked by in Goodwill and just had to give it a try. He went as Chilly Willy one of my favorite characters from way back when.

The girls also got new costumes...
and once again the theme was "princess".  One of these days they will surprise me and pick something else.  Maybe.