Sunday, November 10, 2013

The newest....

It's been a busy week~lots already done and still lots more to go..and it'll be about the same next week!

Monday was a little quiet as we got stuff done around the house, the lawn cart got hauled down to the dump so it's ready to be loaded again, Tuesday we had our first "adventure club" meet up which was nice. Had a short little walk at the woods.

This picture shows about 1/4 of the total group when everyone gets together. After adventure club it was home to get stuff done. And poor baby brother had lots of weird places and positions he decided to fall asleep in!

That evening we also got our book order for the girls in...
They were pretty excited to see all the different books they get to start reading!

Wednesday we had school stuff than started making some bread and had some friends over to just chill a while. Thursday it was finishing up some breads and than friends over for a couple of games and chill time again before heading off to swim lessons.

Friday was a BIG day for us. Lots to do! We started out with a fieldtrip first thing in the morning down to a children's museum/discovery village. First stop was some "grocery shopping"

Than it was up to the second floor to see what we could discover..

The girls think it would be cool to build a "China room" into their house! Than it was off for more discovering!

Had lots of fun and will come back often! Can't wait until summer since it's right along the river we are already planning trips and picnics by the river!
After that it was over to music lessons.

And than...(yes we aren't done yet!) It was off to a night class and a night walk through a local (somewhat) wildlife refuge. We had a nice class on Owls and listened to their calls (Arianna noted that some of their calls almost sound like dogs). After the class we walked outside and saw that the wetlands had a nice misty fog bank settled on them and off we went in the dark! The place looked absolutely magical with the fog giving the moon a nice warm glow and a quiet feeling. As we walked we had a great horned owl fly by us and it was pretty amazing! The girls want to go back during the day and see the actual park rather than at night when they can't see everything.
Saturday we met up with another friend for a short walk through a local park...

 We got to see someone learning to fly a helicopter and practice landing and take offs.

 Than it was climbing some tree's

walking in the woods and some down time talking before we headed home again.
This coming week we have more fieldtrips, 4H, science day, another night walk, swim lessons, music lessons and some school stuff of course! The girls are starting a unit study on Costa Rica and have already learned a little about the leatherback turtle and watched a short video on them. They  have lots more stuff to do this week as well as finishing up their space unit study which we got a bit behind on!