Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanks Nanna Janette!!

The girls got a little something in the mail Saturday afternoon thanks to Nanna Janette! So of course the girls had to open it right up!

 Advent calendars! So I explained what they were for and that they had to wait until December. The girls get the Tinkerbells, Dominic gets the Mickey Mouse, while Josh get the Turtles! Yep, even big brother got one! The girls saw where I put them yesterday so I'll have to find a new "hiding" spot until December so they won't help themselves to the yummy chocolate. I've been told by Mum not to pinch any other the treats, but I figure poor little Dominic can't really eat his own.  :)

Dominic is just over 5 months old now. He's not crawling yet, but it's not to far away! He imitates an inch worm right now and seems to get around pretty good! Here he is under one of the school benches...
and well, that was probably the last happy picture we got yesterday! I'm not sure if he's teething or what but he's had a couple of REALLY fussy days...he finally passed out yesterday on Daddy.
This morning  he was up before 6 a.m.!
He was pretty good for the first hour or so and than it kind of went sour. He was good long enough for me to make the girls a yummy cinnamon streusel before they woke up...
Now it's time to try and get stuff done while Daddy tries to get fussy boy to take a little nap.