Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekly wrap up

What a nice week, for the most part. I had to have dental surgery and a couple of teeth pulled and am still in a lot of pain, but other than that it's been a pretty nice week. After officially un-enrolling them in the online school things actually started "feeling" better where school was concerned. The girls have been a lot more interested in actually accomplishing something and I'm working on a few things for them for the rest of this year.

Monday was fairly relaxed, Tuesday I had my surgery and that night the girls had their last swim lesson for awhile. Wednesday the kids had 4H again which turned out to be a much bigger class than we had originally thought it would be! Thursday the girls had their "visiting artist" at the arts and crafts and Today they had music lessons.

Today started off pretty nice. The girls got right to work with "home ec." for instance they put away the clean dishes.

Then the girls took turns learning to make french toast...

Then it was a little math while I found the sewing stuff and some material to fix "lambie"
Here's a picture of her with her new pink ear and her new "bling"

 Kaitlyn helped with the sewing and wants to start practicing a bit more so she can start working on her project for this summers fair.

We had a bite to eat for lunch. I'll take this opportunity to thank Victoria even more for the wonderful organic pumpkin muffins she sent home with us along with her wonderful coconut rice dish. YUMMY.

After that it was off to Music lessons and they got to play "real" instruments today! They played on the "real" piano, a set of drums, a guitar and a piano keyboard. They loved it! Bethany their wonderful teacher says they are probably ready to go ahead and start individual lessons in January. They still have their group lessons for the next few weeks (until winter break basically) so we will see how they continue. We've started the process of looking at different instruments and will have to see if what we picked out will work well for their individual lessons.

Once we got home after lessons the girls headed outside to play. While it's cold out it was still pretty sunny! They got some playing out of their system and than came inside for some nice warm tea.

This evening Kaitlyn sat down to do a project to give to Thea...
They are really looking forward to seeing Thea again soon and meeting her friends little girl.

All in all not a bad week! Nothing scheduled for next week so it'll be a bit slow other than doing some school work :)