Thursday, November 21, 2013

A couple of very fun days!

The girls had another 4H meeting and we had more people than we had originally thought we would have. We had some return from last year and a couple of new faces!
The kids have been working on reading and they even got into an argument because Kailtyn wouldn't let Arianna do school work on the computer! It's SO nice to have them enthusiastic about school again!!
Today they got out the blocks for awhile and entertained Dominic

While they did that, I ate a wonderful little treat a new friend  made me. It's a coconut sweet rice treat and has been PERFECT for me since I had dental surgery on Tuesday morning I haven't been able to eat a lot and this has been my "main" food the last couple of days!
It's really yummy! She promised to get me the recipe! Thank you Victoria! It's a wonderful dish!
Then this afternoon the kids hosted an arts and crafts club activity and had a visiting artist come and teach the class and show them some fun stuff to do!
Here she is with a few of the students. She was a big hit. All the kids loved her and she's even said she'll come again and do another class with us after the first of the year! The girls made her a crown before she arrived and they were so proud she wore it the whole class!
She has a friend coming to visit with a little girl and has asked if the girls would mind coming over on Monday to play! The girls are in heaven! They are already asking how long before they can go!
It was a really fun afternoon and the girls just love Thea!