Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dutch treats and more...

The girls sometimes like to have a "Dutch Treat" for breakfast (or a snack). So we pulled out the yummy stuff for breakfast..

Kaitlyn wanted the chocolate sprinkles and Arianna wanted the purple and pink one. We have Omi and Opa bring us the sprinkles on one of their visits over as the girls just really love them! They taste a little different than the sprinkles we get here in the U.S. but it's basically the same idea except we put it on bread and a little butter to get the sprinkles to stay on the bread.

In other news Kaitlyn got up the other morning and put on a skirt. She was told that it was to cold to wear a skirt and to get some pants on....
She managed to get them on under her skirt! So this was her outfit for the day. LOL. She does LOVE her skirts/dresses!

We did officially pull them out of the online school and are returning to doing our own thing. The girls are already getting excited by school again! It's an amazing transformation! The girls were given the day off of school yesterday as I was having some dental surgery early in the morning and figured I wouldn't feel like doing much school wise. The girls however had different idea's! Arianna sat down and worked on reading/spelling on the laptop while Kaitlyn was over heard saying "Daddy, hurry up and get off the computer, I want to do school!"

Already it's so much better than having to fight them to do the online school stuff! We've arranged our schedule so they are only doing school for the most part on a four day schedule with Friday's only having music lessons right now. We are also starting a "class/club" with our adventure club now combining with the science days and have some great idea's on field trips to go with our new "Adventures with science" club :)

For now, it's off to get the girls started on some school right after they eat something!