Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving weekends...

This year it's nice and relaxed. I just did a little more for dinner and some snacking kinda food and that should last us all weekend :)

At dinner the kids all said things they were thankful for and then Kaitlyn asked me what I was thankful for...I told her I was thankful for 4 wonderful kids, three of them half-way intelligent...They then spent a little time trying to decide which three were the "smart" ones.  *snicker*

The girls finally decided it's either the older three or the younger three and either way they were "covered". 

We didn't (and usually don't) do the black friday sales thing...Well except one of the school sites was having a .99 sale on their downloadable stuff so I bought just under $6.00 of stuff that would have normally been $55. Couldn't beat that price! So the girls got some educational games they get to do starting next week. Kaitlyn did play a little on one today, but we haven't explored all of them yet.

The girls Christmas presents have been picked out we think, waiting for a note to come back from their music teacher. The girls will be having a "musical Christmas" this year.

Tomorrow we'll start thinking about maybe decorating for Christmas, except for the tree. The tree just takes up so much room that I think we'll wait a while longer.

Dominic is really, really working on trying to crawl. For a 5 1/2 month old who's not yet really crawling he does get around very well!

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it). We're going to continue to relax for the rest of the weekend and then get back into school mode.