Friday, December 6, 2013

Check in time!

We had a fairly quiet week. Monday we relaxed a bit more and got the Christmas decorations up.
 Tuesday we had "adventure club" and got lots of idea's going for the next year! Lava tubes, lighthouses, camping trips, hikes, and some cool science trips. Thursday we went for a hike at the wildlife refuge we'd been to only during the night walks. It was overcast and COLD. The temp hung right around freezing. Thankfully they have a wonderful welcome center with a cool learning center, a nice shopping area (and decent pricing no less!) and a great area to sit and watch the birds in the wetlands from the warm inside! We didn't spend the whole time inside, we did have a short walk outside, where all the kids got to play eagles!

They enjoyed climbing in and playing for a short time before we walked on a little farther and then turned back to the welcome center were we went and watched the birds for awhile. We also got the chance to look through binoculars and watch the real eagles as they sat around in their nest. I'd love to go back and get a few things out of their gift shop. The girls found a couple of nice books that would be nice additions to our at home library and I found a couple that would make great little books for Dominic in a couple of months.

After that we headed home where Dominic finally made it under the tree and stole an ornament!

He was so proud of himself!
This morning we woke to snow! Not much just a slight dusting that hung around until about 2 on the roads while it just turned to ice on the grass area's. The higher elevations got more, and some area's south got hit a bit worse as well. Music lessons for the day got canceled so we made cookies instead!

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend and then just  one meeting next week and getting some school work done. The girls are having a great time getting their one piece of chocolate  each day from advent calendars that their Nanna Janette sent from England. They ask for them first thing every morning!

The next couple of nights we are supposed to have record cold temps so we are not looking forward to it! the day time temperatures won't even get above freezing from what I understand. We only have one thing going on over the weekend so other than that I think we are just staying inside and staying warm!