Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's almost time...

For Omi and Opa to visit! They should be here in just a couple of days! So of course Dominic decides now would be the perfect time to start fussing and teething! Poor kid screamed or fussed ALL day today.  4H wasn't even enough to keep him happy! The girls on the other hand had a ball playing with the kids at 4H and building stuff! Then we worked some on the rainforest today and did some reading, practiced our music and ordered PIZZA. Because it was just that kinda day! We found a really cute video on You tube
The girls were even singing it in bed this evening! Even Dominic thinks it's pretty fun! (and considering he's been in a horrible mood today that's saying something!) Lots to get done tomorrow: finish our rainforest Mobile, have to stop off at the feed store for chicken food and a waterbottle for one of the bunnies as we had one break tonight and didn't have a spare, playday at the park for an hour or so, more music stuff and well, that's just the beginning! I have to find a carpet tube (the tube the carpets are rolled around) so the kids can use them to make "tree's" for their rainforest they want to build in the picture window, I also printed out (well, actually had Hubby print out as we ran out of ink here at home) a neat couple of sheets with habitat's and animals that we will cut out glue to cardboard and turn into "game pieces" and play "What's my habitat" with. I found them on and will hold on to them for our science day up at the lake with the science club and friends. We are going to do some fun games, catch some aquatic life and put them in tanks while we study them and then release them back into the lake before we head home, try and find some animal tracks to make casts from and look at some different slides under the microscope. Should be LOTS of fun! Our books arrived this week, One on habitats, and two on activities to help learn more about the rainforest. So far we really like them! Lots of fun stuff to do.
Time to get a move on tonight, as we have a long LONG day tomorrow!