Saturday, January 18, 2014

Alligators, Cobra's and frogs....

Spent the afternoon with the girls and my oldest and left the baby home with daddy. We got to pet a (probably close to 4 ft) American Alligator, which was amazing! Arianna went nose to nose with a 10ft King Cobra (so glad there was a piece of glass in between because otherwise they would have literally been touching noses~!). Watched a tiger at play and a GIANT porcupine show off. We saw rattlesnakes and a puff adder, a monocled cobra that looked similar to this one...(picture courtesy of google pictures)

we saw gila monsters, a cottonmouth, and my personal favorite the gabon viper. We looked at bearded dragons, blue frogs, turtles, tortoises and spiders. I came THIS close to purchasing two blue phase basilisk lizards...THIS close. Only my husbands decree from earlier this week stopped me...NO MORE PETS. I actually made it out without purchasing anything...that breathed anyway. We had a ball! Then it was on to Costco for a couple of fast purchases and then home through pea soup fog. At times it was a 10 feet visibility issue with pockets of clear area's on occasion. It made for a long drive home, but it was worth it!