Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekly wrap up, a little late :)

So this week, we had the adventures in science club and built our own rainforests...

The girls used some old fish bowls we found at goodwill for under 2.00 which turned out nice. I also went down to the petstore and bought 2 10 gallon fish tanks to use for different things with the adventure club and science. They were on sale for $10 each which isn't to bad in our location it seems. I'd have gotten something bigger if I knew where I was going to put it!
My wonderful husband started building me some more benches for the school table since we never seem to have enough!

 (besides they also do double duty as end tables, foot rests, etc) He's also looking at a couple of different ways to do a second table for the front room...
Which brings me to my next project...Taking everything off the walls, cleaning out the bookshelves, dusting everything and getting ready to paint the front room, entry way, hall way and the baby's room. Lowe's had another sell on paint so we picked up a 5 gal. bucket of paint to use. That should keep me busy for awhile! I'm also looking at changing things around a little bit so of course, once everything is done I'll make sure to take pictures and post!
The girls had music lessons and their wonderful teacher said they are progressing very well. Kaitlyn is her youngest guitar student and is actually progressing the fastest. Partly because of her and Daddy's nightly jam sessions I'm sure. Arianna is also progressing well and is really enjoying it. Dominic is having fun all on his own at times and is doing great...
I'm finally starting to get over my cough for the most part. This week we have some reading to catch up on, a rainforest project to wrap up, a trip up to the big city again. and some work to confirm some future field trips! Our first bunch of tickets for the next zoo trip came in this weekend which is always nice! Now, to make sure to put them in a safe place until June!
The weather has been great sunny and nice, except for the day of the playday of course, which was still nice but the wind sure made it feel a lot colder. Right now it's off to go get some yummy Chinese food for dinner, and our final couple of nights with having Omi and Opa around. The kids are always sad to see them leave.