Monday, February 10, 2014

An Interesting day...

It started out with my husband trying to get to work...It didn't happen. Snow/ice 1, Hubby 0. He did at least make it out of the driveway....barely. We understand that if you can get out of our little "circle" it's actually not to bad driving wise...We just haven't been able to get out of the circle yet with the smaller car. He did mention maybe taking the beast tomorrow, but I told him he couldn't since if we can get out of the circle, we have 4h.
Than we had the "blow up" with the homeschool community and Bill Nye (I'm fairly certain it's one sided at this point). Then it was on to more interesting stuff. Like this guy who showed up out of the blue...

Yep, He brought the house to a stand still! Everyone was looking out the front window trying to get a good glimpse of him before he flew off to better pastures. This is the first time we've ever seen a woodpecker in the front tree! What excitement! (yes, we are a bit geeky).
After he flew away, the girls decided to play a game and picked...
Which was great! The thing I like this for (other than the $1 price) is that you have to match the amount of money, but it's a different set up. For example a one dollar chip would be matched to a chip with 4 quarters or a 75 cent chip could be 3 quarters or 2 quarters, 2 dimes and a nickle. You have to match the amount on the chip, not the exact same picture. The girls did great! Then it was a few multiplication questions 3 5's is 15, 2 4's is 8. Once they have the idea than I put it as 3 x 5 is etc. and they  do really good! So far they are doing great up to about the 5 x 4 point but haven't started on the 6's and up yet. I figure their only k and 1st so I'm not trying to rush it for them, but they seem fascinated by the whole multiplication thing.
After that we did some reading and started an abridged version of the wizard of oz, after reading a few pages, we watched the movie and will read some more of it tomorrow. The girls really liked it.
Later the girls started talking about numbers in general and asked how high did numbers count. So we discussed infinity, the infinity symbol, positive and negative numbers, etc. They love the thought that numbers never end! Weird kids.
After dinner the kids lit candles again, climbed into their "cars" grabbed their "jungle buddies" and had a rainforest adventure!
We read from the book "The remarkable rainforest an active learning book for kids" by Toni Albert and issustrated by Ada Hanlon. We had sound effects and motion effects (basically me shaking their cars really good to pretend they were on a rough road going over and through the forest and into the river where their cars magically turned into "boats"). I'm sorry to say that the girls got "lost" on the river.  Arianna ended up surrounded by jaguars and Kaitlyn was threatened by some pretty large crocodiles. Thankfully they made their way home with help from Dominic and Bandit (the dog). Then it was time for music practice and before bed we started watching a little of Swiss Family Robinson. They have now decided they would love to sleep over in a tree house. So I made a note to find out if the tree house place in southern Oregon is still in business and will have to see what it would cost to stay a night or two.
So after a long, exciting day the girls have finally gone to bed, Dominic is chilling with Daddy and Mommy gets to take her cough medicine and go to bed too!