Sunday, February 9, 2014

Delusion vs. Illusion

So Kaitlyn (the 7 year old) asked what delusional meant. So we had to have a discussion on what delusion vs. illusion means...and it's a lot harder than I would have thought. We looked in up on the computer, read the definitions and then discussed and came up with examples of both.
On the bright side, both girls now have a decent basic understanding of the terms...on the otherhand, I can hear them telling each other they are delusional when they don't agree on something. i.e. If you think you get MY piece of candy as well as your own, your delusional! If you think we're playing this game the way YOU want, your delusional...I can see this as the new "theme" of the week.
In other news...The "great thaw" has started and the snow level is slowly starting to go down. We lost about 3 inches today. Of course now that things are nice and drippy, it'll freeze tonight and the roads will be oh, so wonderful tomorrow. My husband is trying to decide which car he should take to work (assuming he can get to work of course). His little car with the tire chains, or my "beast" with 4 wheel drive but no tire chains... We'll have to see how things pan out tomorrow morning I guess...Although at this point only the beast has been cleaned off and is ready to go.
The baby is finally over his cough, but has the runny icky nose thing still. I am almost over my cough, but every time I do cough a muscle in my back spasms. So I'm still not a happy camper.
Assuming the snow goes away fairly quickly we have a fairly busy week! 4H, a field trip, and a valentines day party! Lots to do, so snow must go away!!
We missed the trip for the mansion and while we are disappointed, at least we will be able to go eventually! The girls were really looking forward to it. I might have to make it a field trip  for one of the weeks that we don't have much going on...That might be awhile though!