Thursday, February 27, 2014

Homophones, Mathematics and fieldtrips!

So my 7 year old is really fascinated with homophones right now. So we are having fun finding lists of the homophones and discussing what the different spellings are, the different meanings, etc. We call them "pesky words" because of course they all sound the same! You know, the to, two and too issues or the right/write or in/inn or sew/so/sow. Lots of fun stuff to try and figure out!

She also started doing some mathematics. She's been working on multiplication because it was interesting and today out of the blue she started adding multiple numbers in her head. 20+2+2+4+2+1 etc. She was counting up her different small toys and writing them each down in a category (i.e. 4 small dogs, 2 small humans, 2 small horses, etc). When her sister asked if she was doing school she said No. I'm just doing a list of my small toys. I love the fact she didn't consider it school!

Then it was on to our fieldtrip! Lots going on today! We went to the Venomous Reptile Museum and saw: King Cobra, Egyptian Banded Cobra, West African Gaboon Viper, and much much more! Very cool! It was great seeing the Egyptian Banded Cobra since we are start our Ancient Egypt study now.

After spending sometime looking at snakes, lizards, frogs, scorpions, turtles and newts it was time to head over to pick up some frozen blueberries at a farm having a blueberry blowout. We now have enough blueberries to last us a year or more! I even found out they do a big blueberry sale in July or so with some fun activities at the same time so I'll have to jot down a note so I remember to keep an eye open for it.

The girls have a package delivering tomorrow full of reading books. They'll have a ball going through them! I love the $1.00 sales.