Friday, February 28, 2014

Blueberries...and more..

So what does 30 pounds of blueberries look like???
YUMMY!!! We've already eaten some right out of the box. I took some out because the girls want blueberry pancakes for breakfast of course! So now it's trying to figure out what else to make with 60 pounds of blueberries in the freezer! The girls are pouring through the recipes trying to decide what looks/sounds the yummiest.

In other news the book shipment they were supposed to get today, is stuck in Illinois. So while they are disappointed that the won't be getting their books today, they are excited that they get 2 deliveries for next week.

Today is supposed to be very nice. Almost 60 degrees and partly sunny! of course tomorrow we are supposed to have a rain/snow mix. Got to love this weather! They are forecasting a hot dry summer for us which is a mixed blessing. The veggies will love it, the increase in forest fires for the state won't be so nice though! We are already starting to put our list together of what we want in our garden this year. I even bought some lettuce seeds so I can get those started since they love the not so hot weather of early spring.

I found a couple more free field trips for the girls which is always nice. Today however, is to nice to do a ton of school. So I'll let the girls do some reading, do a couple of fun things and then it's outside with them! Well they'll be outside anyway, I however, will be working on cleaning house! I'm always more energetic on warm/days so I'll be able to get lots done today!