Monday, March 3, 2014

over the weekend...

We got some work done, new shower head in the bathroom, etc. and the girls helped me unpack one box of the blueberries.

We ended with 8 gallon sized bags to put into the freezer, and one more box to go. I figure we don't have to do that box until we get closer to actually needing to get into it. The girls were happy as clams to have so many huge bags of blueberries! We usually only get about 2 bags tops from our plants so they were more than happy to have a large supply! We even made our first fruit salad of the year.
Kaitlyn my little "I don't like fruits" love the blueberries and even tried the strawberries and has declared that she likes them again. She still won't do banana's though!
Arianna helped Dad do some woodwork to get her little foot stool for when she sits at the keyboards put together, which would explain this picture.
Yep, that would be her eating her brunch with protective eye gear. Safety first!
This morning Dad headed out for work, but not before getting a morning snuggle in with Dominic.
Dominic is much more interested in Daddy at this age than the girls were. (and poor daddy wasn't feeling well, but still headed in to work like a trooper!).
This afternoon one of our shipments arrived.
The girls were really happy to have some new books to read and loved the different topics. Of course, we still have one more delivery this week, and then might have to think about even MORE bookcases. We're starting to run out of room again!
We have some fun experiments for tomorrow's science club, and I found some really neat ones to try at a later date as well. Tomorrow is all about locomotion! Wednesday we have our next book delivery which should be fun. Books on Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Leonardo Da Vinci, archeology, and oceans. That should keep the kids entertained for a couple of weeks!
Thursday is another field trip and Friday is catching up on everything else we might have missed over the week. Lots of fun ahead this week and next!