Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring is around the corner!

The daffodils are in bloom and as soon as it stops pouring down raining Kaitlyn has promised to take pictures of all the blooms around the yard. Tomorrow is our fieldtrip, which of course is partly outdoors, which also means it's a good thing we have rain coats! We'll see how it goes!

And as usual, a lot of changes coming up. I'm finally going to try and get some of the painting done in the front room. The school area is getting a makeover! While the rain is pouring, it seems like a good time to get some organizing and cleaning done (of course the fact that the baby was up and wanting to play at 4 a.m. is what got me started!). I've been going through some of the girls books and stuff figuring how I wanted to make it look a bit neater in the shelves, how to sort the books out (decided to do it by subject), and now just have to pick up a few things to get it started. Looks like a field trip to Ikea coming up!

We got our second delivery of books today, so I'm pretty close to putting all the stuff for their next couple of unit studies together. I'll make notes, etc. and post a more detailed example of how I put my units together.

We have a lot in "the works" right now. Nothing confirmed yet, but hopefully some new field trips coming up soon! I also have a few things I'm working on for me, so hopefully I'll have some fun news soon.

Time to get ready for today's fieldtrip! Pictures coming up soon!