Friday, February 7, 2014

SNOW DAY?!?!?!

Yes, kids. Even WE can have a snow day...This was yesterday early afternoon....
and by early this afternoon...

Almost 6 inches...and still snowing good. It's not supposed to start tapering off until this evening. The girls are supper excited! We just don't normally get much snow (if at all) where we live, so they think this is a real treat. Hubby on the other hand called in a "snow day" at work, music teacher called and canceled lessons today and since the colleges were all closed today as well, everyone is home.
Since Kaitlyn is wanting to get into photography I promised her a walk tomorrow in the snow so she could take some pictures. She's already trying to figure out what she might be able to take a picture of!
She probably won't be able to take pictures of the chickens...
Once the white stuff started coming down, they hightailed it to the coop and haven't tried to leave since! They have started increasing their egg laying production so we decided to boil some eggs today and make either deviled eggs or egg salad sandwiches...Our colorful egg's

We also started to get one of our new 10 gal. tanks ready for spring and animal catching (for observational purposes and then released but we wanted a "realistic" surrounding for them while they are with us) So we put some rock in the bottom, next will be soil, moss, maybe a small plant or two)
With the weather being so cold, Kaitlyn thought she'd try the "frozen bubble" thing but she got discouraged when it kept  popping on her. So I promised in a little bit I'd head out with her and see if we could get one to stick around a while.
The girls have a few activities to finish up with the rainforest and then they have decided to move on to the African Savanna. This should be fun!! They were pretty disappointed however when I told them that no they don't actually get to fly there. Maybe one of these days! I'd love to go visit as well!