Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thinking outside the box...

Sometimes to offer our homeschooled kids things we can't teach them we have to think outside the box. Kaitlyn LOVES everything French. She'd absolutely love to visit France and Paris. She wants to learn the language. So in an effort to let her use her passion for everything French for some learning I started letting her watch some "learn French" video's on Youtube. Of course, she can listen to it, and try and say it, but since no one else in the house really speaks it well, we can't help her out so much on actually using it. So I put out some notes on some of the homeschooling boards we visit and YEAY, we have found a couple of families with young children who are either bilingual or in at least one case Trilingual. We are working on the time differences between us, and which days work best for conversational French with them. We also found a little girl  fairly locally that is also interested in learning to speak French so we are working on getting them together on occasion for lessons and learning! I have suggestions on different apps, different computer programs, video's etc. to help as well. To make a long story short, if you can't teach your kids something, access the wonderful world of homeschoolers and find others who are willing to help.

In other news. Dominic is now doing an actual crawl (no belly crawl unless he's in a hurry!), he's sitting up with NO help what so ever and is pulling himself up on the furniture to walk around. Not bad for a "just turned" 8 month old!

Today is 4H and more sewing projects, playing a game we found at the dollar store about the jungle and more!