Monday, March 10, 2014

It started out small

and started to grow, and grow, and grow...

It started out innocently enough. I started the "deforestation" (see here) of our front window thinking we would start putting in the next window scene. I blame the weather. It was so nice I felt energetic for a change and thought, Hey, while I'm at it I'll organize the kids books by subject and put them in magazine folders (that I intend to buy soon!) and it'll be so much easier when we do our unit studies. Then I thought, Gee, since I have the book shelves emptied and in boxes right now (although they are split up by subject already!) and that 5 gallon bucket of paint is still sitting in the kitchen, The next thing I knew I was starting to paint.

So by Saturday night it looked like this....
and This still looks like this. I got the 24 hour stomach bug and spent all day yesterday in bed.
We are now having a "spring break" while I finish painting the room this week and everything gets reorganized. We have an idea of what we are going to be doing, but I'll surprise everyone with an "after" shot when we are done.
In the meantime, Kaitlyn went out today to practice photography in the backyard before lunch..Her theme today was "spring". She was to practice getting close up shots and learning to focus it correctly. She didn't do a bad job.

We do have a few activities this week so it'll be busy! 4H, Field trip, Music lessons, Field trip, painting.