Thursday, March 13, 2014

painting and more...

Well it really felt spring like today and the tree's are starting to look like it as well!
 This morning Dominic had fun playing in the house, and might even have a future career in mind already!
Rocket Scientist? He worked so hard, he had to take a nap. While he slept I got some more painting done in the entry way and since it was a bit smelly in the house afterwards I put his Pack and Play outside in the front, where he promptly started flirting with the neighbor girl!
The girls brought out a chair for me to sit in, but we didn't end up doing much sitting! I decided I could do some weeding while I was out there, which lead to me removing all the huge stepping stones to move to the back and then starting at one corner of the front flower garden and just uprooting everything in that area...I'm still working on that. I should have take a before picture, but I'm sure I'll find something taken recently that I can use once I finish it up to show what I did.
Once it started cooling off we took everything in, and since the area was dry, they turned the front entry way into a "French Bistro" as Kaitlyn said..
The ended up having dinner in their "French Bistro"....
Chinese food? In a French Bistro? Well, I guess with these kids anything is possible!
After dinner it was a little bit of a movie, some reading with mom and then bunny checks and bed. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit on the wet side so I'll work inside with a few windows partially open. Thankfully it's supposed to be fairly decent by afternoon. Saturday is supposed to be another gorgeous spring like day. I'm sure I'm being lulled into a false sense of spring and we will end up with snow in a couple of weeks!