Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring fun and lessons on money

It's another beautiful day after a morning of rain. The girls and I had to run out to do a few errands and we picked up a few things...Spring Things. Since I needed to replant some of the new houseplants I ran by the garden store.

We also picked up a few flowers, a couple of neat looking pots from the dollar store, and well...

 The girls and I discussed a lot of gardening, how plants grow, respecting the earth, taking care of plants/animals/each other. We talked about money....Arianna was looking at her dollar when she noticed it has a letter and numbers. So we discussed serial numbers, why the money had it, where money is made, how it's destroyed etc. Which is great and a nice lead into a package that will hopefully arrive next week that goes more indepth on all of the above! We talked about saving money vs. spending money, needs/wants, etc. Lots of great talks while doing something outside in the sunshine. More painting coming up now that most of the plants have been transplanted. Working over the weekend, fun experiments on Monday, Ancient Egypt crafts on Tuesday, 4H and Music Wed. and Thursday off before a long science day at the coast on Friday! I'm already tired just thinking about it, but it's a really FUN tired!