Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Slowly getting there!

Painting is slowly getting finished! The Entry way is 99% done, The living room is about 3/4 done and the hallway and bathroom should be fairly easy and fast. Re-organization is going well too. New school shelves are put together, and only need to be put into place and started being filled up. The big issue is still coming up though. Emptying out the current "non"school bookshelves. We ended up having to reschedule Tuesday's club meeting as there was just no way we were going to be able to do any of the activities. It's a good thing we have almost two weeks after this week to get stuff finished up before we are scheduled for any more activities! We have a lot of catch up work to do for school.

We have expended our terrarium collection. The girls have two more to build today and then we'll have a total of 7 of them! The girls are really enjoying making them but I'm running out of room to put them.

I'll post some pictures of the "new" rooms once we are done in the following week. We still have one big field trip this week. Hoping for some decent weather and lots of fun for the kids!

The girls have come up with a project idea that we will have to hit up some of the local homeschooler's to help out with, but not until we have current stuff finished up! Should be lots of fun and educational for those who aren't really familiar with homeschooling.

We'll start posting more homeschool fun once we are back into the grove!