Saturday, April 5, 2014

Books, projects and changes...

The girls picked a couple of books out for our read for tonight and I thought I'd share one with you that the kids love.
This is a number book and a short little read, but the one thing that's really nice about it is the back pages. Each number/portrait has a different Native American tribe attached to it and the back gives you a short little paragraph on each tribe. Just enough to give you some history/info on them and get the kids interested in learning more about the different tribes represented in the book. The pictures are wonderful and give you hints about what your going to read on the back pages. We generally read the book, discuss the pictures, then when we get to the back pages, we look at the pictures again and see what we learn about each picture. Lovely book!

For the project part..This time instead of the girls projects I'm showing a current project of my husbands!
He's building a guitar. Yep, I guess you can really get kits to make your own! He's really enjoying the project and if anyone has some older kids that like to work with wood as well as play guitar you might check the kits out.

As for changes..I've changed the last page about Oregon and added in some suggestions of places to visit and will be adding some things to do in different regions of Oregon with links to some of the area's.