Friday, May 30, 2014

What a week!

Monday's holiday has thrown us completely off schedule! However, there are some plus's to this..

Wednesday we got a wonderful package from Aunty Gems in England. The girls both got cool Hello Kitty "England" style! They can't wait to take them on our trip this fall and are already busy figuring out what to carry in them. Dominic got a cool shirt..

Then Today the girls got a package from The Netherlands! later today our summer boarder gets here (Josh's friend from highschool). Then tomorrow we have a fun day of playing, picnics and carousels!

Kaitlyn spent the morning illustrating  "Kaitlyn's Adventures around the world book 1" We have Egyptian Pyramids, Eiffel tower, Versailles, and Dutch windmills! Than she told me what I was supposed to write for each picture..Although this morning she did up little notes for the whole family, and I must say both Hans and I were very impressed with her print! She's doing a great job!

Both girls are so excited about our upcoming trip that Arianna is already asking do we know where her passport is! I reassure her that yes we know were it is!