Saturday, June 7, 2014

Working on the garden...

The herb garden that is...

Got the apple mint, orange mint, purple basil, silver posie basil, fennel, and pineapple sage transplanted and ready to go...go where? Well, that was the other part of the project. I've had this section of the front yard that's been a pest to deal with for years. When we moved here it had rose bushes (wild and over run) that we had to take out and then well, it just never really got anything after that. I've finally decided what to do with it. I'm turning it into the "herb garden" for the front of the house.  So today I started weeding it and once it's completely finished I'll even it out, put down the weed block cover and start figuring out where I want to put things. It's a really fun shaped piece. one of those wonderful (not really) pizza slice shaped area's.
It gets partial sun in most, more sun in a couple of section and then a little bit in the evening before the sun goes down. I've almost got all the weeding part of it done. Tomorrow I'll work on getting it leveled and get the weed block put down and see where we are at time wise. I also got the front section next to the house weeded and working on getting it leveled out before bricking it in.

I also need to clean the chicken coop again tomorrow and if time allows some more weeding in the veggie garden. The peas are almost ready to go up on strings so I need to pound in some long 2 x 2's and start some lines for them this week as well. In between all of this, I also want to try and get some bread going..I think it's going to be a very long day tomorrow!

The purple African Violets I purchased earlier this year for Kaitlyn at a dollar a piece because they were looking a little ratty, now look like this..

The pink ones are doing well and have some little buds on them so I think we saved them both! In fact they were looking so good I pulled some cuttings off and have started a couple more plants off the originals. The Orchids we got are hanging in there. One of them is doing great actually and should have new flowers in the next week! The other one is not doing as well, but I'm hoping it'll still pull through. As soon as the one has opened up I'll post some new pictures of it..Not bad for someone who has NO idea what so ever what she is doing with Orchids. Never had them before, but have always wanted one.

Today one of our neighbors had a garage sale. The girls went over and found some books, smelly candles (pumpkin) and a couple of other things to buy and brought them home. So they have some new reading material that Kaitlyn says she is wanting to read as soon as she is a little better at it. Sounds good to me!